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The majority of Gareth's written work cannot be listed here as it comprises hundreds of internal reports, confidential external reports and submissions made on behalf of my employers, especially the Northern Land Council and the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority.

Book Chapters

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Lewis, G. (2021) “Broken Promise Men:  the malevolent absence of the state at McArthur River Mine, Northern Territory” in Bainton, N and Skrzypek, E (eds) Absent Presence: Resource Extraction and the State in Papua New Guinea and Australia.  ANU Press

Based on a papers given at a Conference Panel held at the 2017 Australian Anthropological Society annual conference in Adelaide the volume is available for free online at:

Lewis, G. and Scambary, B. 2016 “Sacred bodies and ore bodies: conflicting commodification of landscape by Indigenous peoples and miners in Australia’s Northern Territory.”  In McGrath, P (ed) The Right to Protect Sites. Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Canberra.  


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Witt K, Keenan J, Lewis G, Fredericks B, Jezierski P, Jessup L, Zhang H (2023) Social, Cultural and Economic (SCE) studies of the Strategic Regional Environment and Baseline Assessment (SREBA) for the Beetaloo Sub-basin. The University of Queensland Centre Natural Gas Report, The University of Queensland.

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