The majority of Gareth's written work cannot be listed here as it comprises hundreds of internal reports, confidential external reports and submissions made on behalf of my employers, especially the Northern Land Council and the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority.

Publications that are in the public domain are listed below along a list of Gareth's conference papers:

Lewis, G. 2017 Fracking Inquiry – Anthropologist’s Report to the Environment Defenders Office NT.  EDONT, Darwin.​

Lewis, G. and Scambary, B. 2016 “Sacred bodies and ore bodies: conflicting commodification of landscape by Indigenous peoples and miners in Australia’s Northern Territory.”  In McGrath, P (ed) The Right to Protect Sites. Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Canberra.  


Stockton, D., Jones, D., Zimmerman, A., Lewis, G., Fawcett, M., Carter, M. and Corbett, L. 2003 Rehabilitation Plan for abandoned mine sites and associated infrastructure, Gunlom Land Trust, Kakadu, Part A, Draft report for Parks Australia North, April 2003.

Conference Papers

2017 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, University of Adelaide

Broken Promise Man:  The State, Miners and Indigenous Responses at McArthur River, Northern Territory


2015 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, University of Melbourne

Sacred sites and Developing the North:  the protection of Indigenous scared sites in Australia’s Northern Territory.


2014 Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, Darwin

Durlg (Dreaming) Dredging and Development:  Sacred Landscapes in Darwin and Bynoe Harbours.


2013 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, Australian National University

Convened and chaired panel session:  World’s Apart?  Development, Sacred Site and Cultural Heritage Management

Delivered paper:         Bootu Creek Site Damage:  Social and Cultural Impacts of a Desecration Case in the NT


2012 World Archaeology Conference, Dead Sea, Jordan

Djang, Lawk and Ore: Sacred Sites, Archaeology and mining at Mt Todd, Northern Territory. (with Ryan Barruwei) 


2011 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, University of Queensland

Djang and Ore:  Conflicts over Sacred Bodies and Ore Bodies in the Northern Territory.


2009 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, Deakin University

Rehabilitating Sites, Rehabilitating People:  Remediation of Guratba (Coronation Hill) in the Upper South Alligator Valley region, Kakadu National Park.

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