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2023 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, Macquarie University

Co-Convened and chaired panel session:  Whose loss? Towards an understanding of cultural loss

Delivered paper:         Last of the Land Claims:  Father’s way or nations of cognation?


Delivered pre-conference CNTA assembly paper:  


                                      Towards a language of loss:  sacred site damage processes as indicators of cultural loss in Native Title                                                        compensation matters



2022 13th Conference of the Hunter and Gather Society (CHAGS 13), University College Dublin, Ireland

Delivered two papers:


The World Heritage Trap:  Statism and the fabled Joint-Management of Kakadu National Park


The State, Extractivism, and Cultural Loss:  Understanding and articulating indigenous cultural

loss and compensation in Northern Australia


2022 Centre for Native Title Anthropology Conference, Virtual Paper

Measuring damage and loss in Aboriginal Australia:  a comparative approach to sacred site damage issues as indicators of loss in Native Title compensation matters

For video see or check out


2021 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, Virtual Panel Discussion


Whose values? Whose Voice? The anthropology of Indigenous heritage protection laws in Australia.


2021 AACAI WA and Anthropological Society of WA.

Sundowner Talk (with Naomi Howells)


Never Again?’ How the Northern Territory’s best practice heritage protection

legislation could have prevented the destruction of Western Australia’s

Juukan Gorge. 


2017 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, University of Adelaide

Broken Promise Man:  The State, Miners and Indigenous Responses at McArthur River, Northern Territory


2015 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, University of Melbourne

Sacred sites and Developing the North:  the protection of Indigenous scared sites in Australia’s Northern Territory.


2014 Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, Darwin

Durlg (Dreaming) Dredging and Development:  Sacred Landscapes in Darwin and Bynoe Harbours.


2013 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, Australian National University

Convened and chaired panel session:  World’s Apart?  Development, Sacred Site and Cultural Heritage Management

Delivered paper:         Bootu Creek Site Damage:  Social and Cultural Impacts of a Desecration Case in the NT


2012 World Archaeology Conference, Dead Sea, Jordan

Djang, Lawk and Ore: Sacred Sites, Archaeology and mining at Mt Todd, Northern Territory (with Ryan Barruwei) 


2011 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, University of Queensland

Djang and Ore:  Conflicts over Sacred Bodies and Ore Bodies in the Northern Territory.


2009 Australian Anthropological Society Conference, Deakin University

Rehabilitating Sites, Rehabilitating People:  Remediation of Guratba (Coronation Hill) in the Upper South Alligator Valley region, Kakadu National Park.

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