August 2021 New Publication !

My book chapter about McArthur River Mine has been published in a volume of great material about the state and extractive industry edited by Nick Bainton and Emilka Skrzypek. 


Based on a papers given at a Conference Panel held at the 2017 Australian Anthropological Society annual conference in Adelaide the volume is available for free online at:




During 2020 Gareth was awarded a Guided Writing Placement with the Centre for Native Title Anthropology at the Australian National University.  Covid-19 restrictions delayed the uptake of this placement until April 2021.  Gareth is researching and writing on indigenous sacred site damage and compensation issues in an effort to expand on the thinking around Native Title compensation .

See more at:  https://cnta.org.au/cnta-scholars/


During  2020 Gareth was appointed to the Kakadu National Park Kakadu Research and Management Advisory Committee (KRMAC)


April 2019: Great news!!


Federal Court recognises exclusive native title rights over township of Pine Creek.  Gareth researched and wrote the Connection Report for this claim on behalf of NLC.

ABC News story: 



In November 2017 Gareth joined the management committee of the Environment Defenders Office Northern Territory

During September 2017 Gareth attended a Native Title Masterclass for mid-career anthropologists held at the Cairns Institute and co-hosted by James Cook University and ANU's Centre for Native Title Anthropology.